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When people hear the term prefabricated homes, they often think of places such as mobile homes or trailers. This is not always the case, however, and prefabricated homes are quickly becoming the dwelling choice of the future for many new home buyers. What makes these kinds of houses different is mostly in the manufacturing of the home. First and foremost, prefabricated homes are built indoors, allowing them full protections from the outside elements. A traditional “stick built” home faces all kinds of potential problems due to being exposed to rain, snow, and wind while in the building process. The prefabricated homes of today are factory made, and are made in a climate controlled environment. Secondly, most of these kinds of houses are usually made entirely by one company from the ground up. This means there are no outside contractors, or many different people involved in the process. It gives buyers a great sense of security in knowing they can contact one person or company if there happens to be a problem, instead of worrying about too many hands involved at one time. It also gives them a chance to choose different things like floor type and color, siding or other outside materials and colors, as well as the layout, and many other features, all at once place. Since this concept has been in operation for many years, it’s surprising that more people are not aware of the process involved or what prefabricated homes are consisted of. Many of these homes are also known as modular homes because they are made up of several blocks, or “modules” that are then put together like a puzzle at the buyer’s chosen construction site. These homes are very durable and made of high quality materials. They are built to last and are made of high quality materials, and some say they last much longer and are much more resilient than traditionally built homes. Some people can choose to build prefabricated homes from environmentally friendly materials as well, so that they are contributing to preserving our fragile environment.

Most prefabricated homes come in a very wide variety of styles, sizes, and floor plans. There are manufacturers in many regions of the country, and the homes can often be custom built to the buyer’s exact specifications if they so desire. There are ranch style homes, large two and three story homes, log cabins, and Cape Cod style homes, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a look and layout of prefabricated homes. Often, the cost is also much less since the buyer is saving money on labor costs because they are all built by one company. In addition, all prefabricated homes must follow strict construction guidelines, and are inspected upon completion before being transported to their home site. This ensures that the house is well built and meets all the current standards set forth. Many of the newer versions are also energy efficient, so that you will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter without running up a high energy bill. If you are a new home buyer and are looking for a brand new home, prefabricated homes are the way to go. Traditionally built houses can take several weeks to several months to build. Prefab homes often only take about two weeks! This can mean faster move in time, and you can be in your new home much faster. Most companies have models available for buyers to look at so they can see the different models that the homes come in, and can get a better feel for what their new home will be like. If you’re in the market for a brand new home, prefabricated homes make an excellent, cost effective choice. Because they are built inside with ready materials and little labor, the prices are often a lot less than other homes you may find. While most of the time you may have to purchase a lot, there are also many neighborhood across the country who now support the addition of prefabricated homes, and you can save a bundle finding a place such as this. Also, many neighborhoods have these types of homes already there, so you can choose from one that has already been made.

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